iLLFA (independent loft, lie, face angle adjustability)

iLLFA yellow with section

2007 – G1

iLLFA or double cone technology involves paired leaning bore parts, which can rotate relatively, and define independent loft, lie, and face angles for a golf club.

Customization of hollow form golf clubs, with golfer and OEM inventory benefits. Applications outside golf include self aligning bearing detail.

Patent Progression

  • NZ: Notice of grant
  • WIPO: All claims allowed
  • Nationally filed in Europe and USA

Can be used to align or misalign depending on the requirements.

Easy Recall Indexing

15GB_Sleeve 10_36spline_with ESC Indexing_5a_16.5_Oct 15 yellow

2009-10 – G2

Associative indexing system where the letters of a word are used to define, and facilitate recall, of settings for iLLFA. So in the image to the right here the individual letters of the word  E A R T H represents a sequence of L to R settings of face angle (with loft change constant at -1* from standard).

SWING and CLOUD define a further 10 setting options, for 15 in total in this example.

To aid golfer recall of alternative settings for iLLFA, but may have applications outside golf.

Patent Progression

  • NZ: Provisional filed