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At last _ BP have their solution _ I think!

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Well – we tried hard – but sadly could not get our helical jam solution in front of BP (at the right level).

It is interesting how things have panned out ……… In the end BP used a process a little akin to part of our suggestion – but without the helical jam.

BP removed the flange via loosening the 6 large bolts and then inserted a connector device which was inserted INTO the oil flow…. Here at Puku we have been saying this could be done but a lot of people said – “no no no – can’t do” – because of the high pressure and flow, or the debris within the pipe ( ie the remnant drill pipe and casing).

That aside – it is amazing how long it took to turn off a big tap .

Puku on Close Up – Can Kiwi ingenuity save BP and the Gulf of Mexico?

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

We are really happy with the response to the Close Up item that went to air on Thursday (24th June). We had a member of the public set up a facebook page for us called “Hey BP – the Kiwis have the answer.. are you listening?”.  Thank you Helen!  Our story and feeds are being sent on to some very influential people in the US and in BP.   A big thank you to everyone who is helping us to help the Gulf.