Dan McElrea – CEO

Dan McElrea

Dan studied economics and marketing to Masters level and since his thesis on R&D/Marketing Interactions in the New Zealand Dairy Board has always had an interest in the point where technology and marketing meet.  Dan has extensive experience in business and IT consulting to a range of industries both in New Zealand and Europe, more recently in ICT.

Dan was attracted to Puku as a company with a wealth of great ideas already patented,  and a business model that allowed for continued New Zealand ownership regardless of scale.

Pete Bull – Design Engineer

Pete studied Science and later IT/Business to undergraduate level – but engineering has always been his passion. He has completed a number of mechanical and electronic engineering developments for start-up companies since returning to his engineering ‘roots’ fi ve years ago. The highlights have included prototype development and manufacturing optimizations for several small aircraft (Australia & NZ), predictive actuator control and management systems (India) and 3G video security electronics (China). Pete is relishing the environment of like minded creative thinkers Puku affords.”


Debra Drinkwater – Office Manager

Holding a Bachelor of Science Debra has a background in Human Resources and Technical Sales.   With an interest in design and

innovation Debra provides account and patent administration support to Puku’s team.




Simon Arnold – Chairman

Professional/Technical Qualifications: BA (Hons), Advanced Management Programme Graduate School of Management, Melbourne University. Simon is a founding director of Puku.  He has extensive experience in assisting technology companies, is a past president of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, and currently a consultant to Industrial Research Ltd and other technology-focused companies.

Chris Boyce – Director

Chris Professional/Technical Qualifications: Engineering degree (USA) and consultant professional engineer. Chris’s career has been in the senior management of major  construction projects around the world including the Channel Tunnel in Europe, and the West Rail project in Hong Kong.

Dan McElrea – Director

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