Puku Ltd is a Patent Portfolio Company

Puku is focused on licensing great ideas to licensee partners, who are already market leaders, and are experts at manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

Puku Technology

Puku’s family of technologies generally use two simple mechanical properties, elasticity and friction, but in unique ways that connect elements with very reliable “self–locking” forces. In contrast conventional connection systems and fasteners rely upon the user applying sufficient locking force.

Puku Ltd’s technology offers simple, operator-independent connection mechanisms for use in engineering, clamping, pipe work, golf, consumer products, and many other applications.

Puku’s elegant technologies are safer, cheaper, and quicker to operate, and thereby solve real problems for consumers, and create real opportunities for large competitive companies.

Puku’s patent numbers NZ 561380, EP 2229221, US 12/677,238 and WO/2009/035345 relating to a multi-axis connector were transferred to Nike Inc. in August 2011. Puku retains an exclusive license back to the non-golf club applications of these patents.

Puku technology can be grouped in three broad areas:

Fasteners, Clamping, and Golf