Puku Golf

Puku Ltd was founded in 2003 by Simon Moore who is currently Chief Technical Officer (CTO). It is a New Zealand company based in Cambridge.
The Puku technology goes back 10 years to when Simon’s passion for golf led him to travel the world looking for ways to improve golf putter design. In the process Simon acquired a deep understanding of golf putters and related principles of metals, physics and golf player behaviour. The result was not only a radically new Puku™ golf putter – the world’s first USGA/R&A conforming adjustable length putter – but also a portfolio of patents granted or in process relating to golf, clamping, and self locking fasteners.



2001 Filed “Self locking adjustable length in putters” patent.
2003 Puku Ltd incorporated.
2004 Development of Puku putter and website.
2004 Puku Golf Ltd incorporated.
2005 “Self-locking helical clamps” patent.
2006 “Self locking helical fasteners patent.
2006 Raised funds on “Dragons’ Den” New Zealand.
2007 Ran infomercial on The Golf Channel in the USA.
2007 Strategic decision to re focus Puku on patent portfolio.
2008 Filed “paired helix mechanism” patent.
2008 Progressed 5 key patents to national filing in >30 countries.
2008 Signed 1st licensing deal.
2008 Strategic decision to re focus Puku on patents , and design implementation.
2008 Began independent loft/lie/face angle implementation.
2008 Filed “vDove” patent, “push&wedge”, and “indexing system” patents.