iLLFA: Puku leads & Golf OEMs follow?

We have been developing, patenting, and championing iLLFA (independent Loft Lie and Face Angle adjustment) for golf drivers for over two years.

At last one of the big golf companies has released an offering  with independent adjustment. How independent we can not be sure yet ….. but they claim some ….

Still at least Titleist , with their new 910 drivers featuring ‘surefit’, have made a stake in the ground for the industry to follow….

Of course our iLLFA version is likely to be much better! – and with sexy indexing to boot – and (naturally) we are expecting the other OEMs to beat down our door tomorrow!

Thought _ Offering non independent LLFA is like:

  1. a waiter saying “Sorry  _  if you want the soup for a starter …..  you can only have the steak for your main,  and apple pie for dessert”
  2. a shop assistant saying “Sorry  _  if you want the black shoes …..  you can only have grey trousers,  and blue shirt”
Posted in: Golf Tech on July 15th by simon

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